How To Be Productive When Working Remotely


Working remotely is a blessing, as it allows you to work from home or another location that’s more convenient for you. But there are certain things you can do to stay productive while working remotely:

Staying on track.

  • Set goals and deadlines.
  • Use a calendar to organize your day.
  • Prioritize tasks with a to-do list.
  • Work with a colleague or mentor who can help hold you accountable, particularly if you’re new to remote work and its challenges; having someone else around will help keep you on track during rough patches when it’s easy to get distracted by social media or Netflix binges!

Maintain a routine.

  • Set a schedule for yourself, and stick to it.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep at night.
  • Exercise on a regular basis–even if it’s just walking around the block or going for a run every day before work (or after). This will help keep your stress levels down, which is important when working remotely because there are fewer people around to help with things if they go wrong or make mistakes in their jobs.
  • Eat well: stay away from junk food as much as possible!

Give yourself some down time.

  • Give yourself some down time.

Working remotely can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to having coworkers around and being able to go for lunch with them. Giving yourself some “me” time is important so that you don’t feel like work is all there is in your life. Make sure that you schedule breaks throughout the day–even if they’re only 15 minutes long–and take them! Don’t forget about friends, family and fun activities outside of work as well!

Find the right tools for the job.

  • Find the right tools for the job.
  • Use tools that help you stay organized.
  • Use tools that help you be more productive, like Trello or Asana (or even a simple spreadsheet).
  • Use tools that help you collaborate with others, like Slack or Google Hangouts (or even just email).
  • Keep track of your work in one place so it’s easy to find later–and create a backup copy!

There are certain things you can do to stay productive while working remotely

In order to be productive while working remotely, you need to set goals and stay on track. It’s important that you maintain a routine and give yourself some down time as well. The right tools can also make all the difference in your ability to get things done quickly and efficiently.


Working remotely can be a huge advantage for many people, but it’s important to know how to stay productive when working from home. The tips above will help you stay on track and get more done in less time!